Oct. 8th, 2007 03:33 pm
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After 7 weeks at school, I finally went to the library. It is the most confusing place EVER.

I was looking through the science section for books on Krakatoa, which have call numbers beginning with QE. So, I ventured to the science section and the shelves go from QD to QH, and I can't find QE. So after trying desperately to find QE by circling the shelves, I saw a box on the bottom shelf that says "QE shelved upstairs." Then I wandered around looking for stairs, found the stairs, and then wandered around some more on the second floor until I found QE. I got my books, and then realized that the third book I needed was in QH, so I repeated the getting lost process and found my third book. The library wants me to get lost. It is such a maaaaaaze.

I've also been having a lot of problems coming up with my topic for my Poli. Sci. 12 page research paper. It has to been on a country and a political theory, but I couldn't figure out which country I wanted to do. I meant o do a lot of research this weekend, but I went home and I couldn't access the school's article databases. Instead, I watched more Avatar and Mulan, which are both China-y, and therefore could be justified. But in my excursion to the library, I finally read some stuff on China, and now I've finally got a general direction and a few ideas, but I'm still unsure. Meh.

My friend let me borrow The Jekyll and Hyde Original Broadway Recording, and I've listened to 3 songs, and I loooooove it.


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