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Go see it. It is perfect/amazing/beautiful/heart-wrenching/fantastic. Do it now. Also, if you're in the mood to see something else that is beautiful, go see The Fall. The art direction and cinematography are downright stupefying, not to mention the fact that Lee Pace is super!yummy.
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So, college is so like high school, and also so incredibly unlike anything else in my life. I mean, I still have lots of free time, and I think I have even more than marching band season, so the ULTIMATE STUDYING hasn't really set in. I do have to read a lot, and I am definitely not succumbing to Sparknotes ever in college. Despite the reading and stuff, I watched the entire series of Friends. All ten seasons, save one disk in season 8. Also, I have rewatched nearly all of Avatar. More on Avatar later.

My French class alternates between mind-numbingly dull and ridiculously tedious, which makes me crazy. Same with my computer class. My political science class is awesome x a bazillion. It makes me think and read and I'm learning the most in this class. My professor is ultimately brilliant and really and my mentor. I talked to him on Friday about next semester's schedule and since every class I need/want to take in the afternoon, I'm going to be taking a 3000-level class. But the assistant Provost and my mentor believe in me, so I'm going to go for it. It's either going to be a class about Shakespeare or Myths Across Religions.

So, Avatar. I'm so excited about this season. The first three episodes have been made of AWESOME, but I foresee way more awesome in the future. I love all of the Katara/Aang stuff, especially teh love from Katara's side. But I NEED more Toph and her sarcasm and her funny with Sokka. So, in conclusion, Fridays can't come fast enough.

I saw Across the Universe on Wednesday, and I loved it. I've been a Beatles fan as long as I can remember, so it took all of my restraint to keep from singing along. I did mouth along, however. I also love rackin' out to the soundtrack. My only complaint was that the story was subservient to the music, but whatever, it's the Beatles.

Movies/TV shows I've watched/rewatched since coming to college: Friends entire series, Most of Avatar, some of Arrested Development season 2, Pride and Prejudice, Across the Universe, Death at a Funeral (So funny! I love Alan Tudyk and Matthew MacFadyen), Serenity, The Music Man, Victor/Victoria, Mulan, Anastasia, New Labyrinth DVD, and Clueless. I've also started watching Big Shots, and I'm continuing to watch Ugly Betty. But Ugly Betty is frustrating, 'cause I don't like Henry, but whatever.

Books I've read/reread: Good Omens, Stardust, Pride and Prejudice, Lost in Austen (A choose your own adventure based on Pride and Prejudice), and The Marquise of O-.

Random stuff:

-I think I've become a better typist
-David Bowie on Spongebob? WTF?
-I'm posting art again on deviantart, so go see it. I've been drawing/coloring Katara a lot lately.
-I seem of always start my entries with "So".
-My phone suffered severe casualties in the Great Biking Accident of '07. I just got my new phone and I have to get numbers again. :( Also, my forearms got destroyed and I'm going to scar. :( + :(

Whoo. That's a lot. I'm going to try to write here more often now.
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I saw She's the Man. I was really enjoyable and I quite liked it. I kept the spirit of 12th Night, and though it was different, I loved it.

Other news, my hair has grown almost 4 inches since the beginning of the school year.
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I saw Mozart's The Magic FLute on Sunday. I loved it.

Now I'm watching Dune: The Miniseries. I love sci-fi.

English TAKS was yesterday. It was a beat-down. It was so long. It was 2 passages with questions and 3 short essays, one long essay, and two revising and editing passages. Normally, I finish these things in about an hour, and it took me two and half for this test. Ugh.

Everyone needs to see Rory O'Shea Was Here and Bright Young Things. They are amazing British indie films. See them.

My head hurts.

Also, with the onslaught of cuteness from the guy at blockbuster (he cut his hair), I have compiled my top ten list of most attractive guys in the world and why:

10. Warwick Davis: I don't care that he's short, he's a great actor and he seems like a great guy. He's not the paragon of beauty, but he has something that makes him attractive.
9. Johnny Depp: Though he hasn't done much but be a father in a while, I still love him.
8. Scott Patterson: If I were to marry a diner-owner, I'd hope it'd be this one.
7. Ed Robertson from Barenaked Ladies: so cute and so witty and so guitar-ly talented
6. Michael from Starbucks: cute, nice and witty.
5. Heath Ledger: I thought he wa a good actor before the rest of the world! See Ned Kelly and Brothers Grimm.
4. David Bowie: He's fifty-nine, and still can hold a young female crowd.
3. Ian Thorpe: I can't wait for the 2008 Olympics! (I love swimmers, and I might even take up swimming again in college)
2. James McAvoy: Tumnus! Plus amazingly talented with accents and such! Plus beautiful blue eyes!
1. Gary Oldman: If you haven't heard my reasons why Gary Oldman is amazing, we haven't talked for at least a year.


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