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I saw Mozart's The Magic FLute on Sunday. I loved it.

Now I'm watching Dune: The Miniseries. I love sci-fi.

English TAKS was yesterday. It was a beat-down. It was so long. It was 2 passages with questions and 3 short essays, one long essay, and two revising and editing passages. Normally, I finish these things in about an hour, and it took me two and half for this test. Ugh.

Everyone needs to see Rory O'Shea Was Here and Bright Young Things. They are amazing British indie films. See them.

My head hurts.

Also, with the onslaught of cuteness from the guy at blockbuster (he cut his hair), I have compiled my top ten list of most attractive guys in the world and why:

10. Warwick Davis: I don't care that he's short, he's a great actor and he seems like a great guy. He's not the paragon of beauty, but he has something that makes him attractive.
9. Johnny Depp: Though he hasn't done much but be a father in a while, I still love him.
8. Scott Patterson: If I were to marry a diner-owner, I'd hope it'd be this one.
7. Ed Robertson from Barenaked Ladies: so cute and so witty and so guitar-ly talented
6. Michael from Starbucks: cute, nice and witty.
5. Heath Ledger: I thought he wa a good actor before the rest of the world! See Ned Kelly and Brothers Grimm.
4. David Bowie: He's fifty-nine, and still can hold a young female crowd.
3. Ian Thorpe: I can't wait for the 2008 Olympics! (I love swimmers, and I might even take up swimming again in college)
2. James McAvoy: Tumnus! Plus amazingly talented with accents and such! Plus beautiful blue eyes!
1. Gary Oldman: If you haven't heard my reasons why Gary Oldman is amazing, we haven't talked for at least a year.


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