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I'm taking my first art class since I graduated high school, and it is fantastic. My professor is really laid back, fun (and Italian), and the complete opposite of the horror that was my high school art teacher.

Drawings from around Paris )

It also looks like I'm going to have no job this summer. I thought that Apple was a good, fail-safe plan, but they're not hiring people just for the summer due to the economy. :(


Dec. 26th, 2008 10:47 pm
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It's been a long time since I've posted anything. Yesterday was my birthday, so that was awesome. My boyfriend got me a vintage smoky quartz necklace for my birthday and a textbook on animation for Christmas.

I've tried to relax as much as possible and keep this break between semesters as low-key as possible, since I'll be going to Paris on the 11th of January and staying for the entire semester. I have really mixed feelings about going abroad. On one hand, it's a great chance to be independent and learn French. On the other hand, I feel I'm putting my life on hold for four months, and I've never been great at keeping up long distance relationships. I'm worried about losing touch with my closest friends ever and my boyfriend (who is the best man ever). I hate this feeling of waffling between anxiety and excitement.

Also, I decided to switch majors. I was Political Science and French, but I really didn't fit in with the poli. sci. crowd. I felt out of place in my classes among these deeply-entrenched-partisan-future-politicians
who surround me. I found that I hold no great opinion partisan-wise. Instead of evaluating the poltics, I found myself analyzing the arguments made in our required readings. So, when I get back from France, I'm going to declare English, because language/literature is awesome. I never would have thought I would have gone this way, but I feel much more at peace than I did previously. I could never imagine myself in the field of politics clearly, but I could see myself writing, or being involved in publishing, or even teaching. I wish sometimes that things were as easy as they were in grade school. I knew my life's progression: go to middle school, go to high school, go to college, get a job. I never thought that it would be so difficult to figure all of this life stuff out when I got to college.

Anyway, Happy Holidays f-list. Hope yours isn't filled with as much inner turmoil.
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Six weeks left of classes. I don't know if I can take anymore, actually. I have at least 7 more papers before the year is over, 3 oral presentations, and a whole bunch of other tests and quizzes and crap like that. U

Unfortunately, I have been struck with massive amounts of inspiration. Normally, this is a good thing. But when I spend many hours coloring [ profile] torreadora's awesome lineart instead of studying/writing, I run into problems. I also have this whole universe in my head waiting to spring free in the form of a massive multi-part epic, I know I don't have the time/patience/writing skills/energy to hammer it out. I think I need to start smaller by writing vignettes or something in this universe and then expand.

Here's the piece I colored:


Jan. 21st, 2008 09:52 am
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Phonetics is the best class I've ever taken. I love love love it. Not only will it help me with my French pronunciation, it will help me with spelling, and it's just plain cool. The only problem is that I'm having problems differentiating some vowel sounds, but I'm sure that that skill will come with time.


Jan. 16th, 2008 09:31 am
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School's back in session, and it seems like the spring semester is shorter than the fall semester. Maybe it's because we have more days off.

My schedule is going to be tough this semester, even though I'm taking few hours than last semester. I'm taking my first upper-level classes, and I'm both thrilled and terrified, especially since one of my lower level classes requires me to write everyday.

I also joined a sorority. I never pictured myself a sorority girl, but I really get along with the other girls, so we'll see how it goes.

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So, college is so like high school, and also so incredibly unlike anything else in my life. I mean, I still have lots of free time, and I think I have even more than marching band season, so the ULTIMATE STUDYING hasn't really set in. I do have to read a lot, and I am definitely not succumbing to Sparknotes ever in college. Despite the reading and stuff, I watched the entire series of Friends. All ten seasons, save one disk in season 8. Also, I have rewatched nearly all of Avatar. More on Avatar later.

My French class alternates between mind-numbingly dull and ridiculously tedious, which makes me crazy. Same with my computer class. My political science class is awesome x a bazillion. It makes me think and read and I'm learning the most in this class. My professor is ultimately brilliant and really and my mentor. I talked to him on Friday about next semester's schedule and since every class I need/want to take in the afternoon, I'm going to be taking a 3000-level class. But the assistant Provost and my mentor believe in me, so I'm going to go for it. It's either going to be a class about Shakespeare or Myths Across Religions.

So, Avatar. I'm so excited about this season. The first three episodes have been made of AWESOME, but I foresee way more awesome in the future. I love all of the Katara/Aang stuff, especially teh love from Katara's side. But I NEED more Toph and her sarcasm and her funny with Sokka. So, in conclusion, Fridays can't come fast enough.

I saw Across the Universe on Wednesday, and I loved it. I've been a Beatles fan as long as I can remember, so it took all of my restraint to keep from singing along. I did mouth along, however. I also love rackin' out to the soundtrack. My only complaint was that the story was subservient to the music, but whatever, it's the Beatles.

Movies/TV shows I've watched/rewatched since coming to college: Friends entire series, Most of Avatar, some of Arrested Development season 2, Pride and Prejudice, Across the Universe, Death at a Funeral (So funny! I love Alan Tudyk and Matthew MacFadyen), Serenity, The Music Man, Victor/Victoria, Mulan, Anastasia, New Labyrinth DVD, and Clueless. I've also started watching Big Shots, and I'm continuing to watch Ugly Betty. But Ugly Betty is frustrating, 'cause I don't like Henry, but whatever.

Books I've read/reread: Good Omens, Stardust, Pride and Prejudice, Lost in Austen (A choose your own adventure based on Pride and Prejudice), and The Marquise of O-.

Random stuff:

-I think I've become a better typist
-David Bowie on Spongebob? WTF?
-I'm posting art again on deviantart, so go see it. I've been drawing/coloring Katara a lot lately.
-I seem of always start my entries with "So".
-My phone suffered severe casualties in the Great Biking Accident of '07. I just got my new phone and I have to get numbers again. :( Also, my forearms got destroyed and I'm going to scar. :( + :(

Whoo. That's a lot. I'm going to try to write here more often now.


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