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After nearly two years of Nolwenn, I decided to change the layout on my lj today. My internet was freaking out, so it took forever for everything to load, but I'm pretty happy with what I went with. I've also began tagging my entries, but since this journal goes back to May 2004, it's going to be rough going back and adding tags to all those entries (plus, coming up with tags is hard because I want to use things I can use later in order to categorize things, but I feel like my entries are either completely random ramblings or too diverse to be categorized).

My other project has been making Avatar icons and formalizing a wardrobe and a really cheesy background story for my pirate, Edie. I've already come up with some pretty cliché crazy stuff, and hopefully I'll get the rest of her wardrobe done by the end of the week. I really love designing clothes and I think after I get everything established, I'm going to use her to work on more dynamic poses and stuff like that.

Also after nearly two years, I finally got Heathen by Bowie. I like what I've heard, but I need to listen to it a few more times. Speaking of music, I bought the Juno soundtrack last night, and I really enjoy it. It's very laid back and folksy, which isn't normally my music, but I did it nonetheless.
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Well, I haven't had a new entry in almost three months, but I thought now would be a good time.

Summer school ended last week; speech was hell, but my teacher was really cool. The people in my class weren't, but I read a few books in my spare time.

I've been working a lot lately for my dad at his store. It's a lot of manual labor. For example, moving hundred of boxes of bottles yesterday, and then moving them somewhere else in my near future.

Mark and I have been together for a quarter of a year on July 9th (yay!). We've been going everywhere. We've been to the JP Morgan Chase building and looked out through the hole in the top, the J. Erik Jonsson Public Library to see Shakespeare's First Folio, Reunion Tower, the Fort Worth Zoo, as well as ice skating at Stonebriar, visiting Virgin Records at Grapevine and few times, and watching more movies and Discovery channel shows than I can count.

Also, I'll be 18 in less than 6 months! Weeee!

But now I have to eat breakfast, so I can go to work. :(

[edit 5:41]

I was tagged to name 12 fictional characters I would have sex with (in no particular order) and tag five people to do the same over a month ago by [ profile] springfall_kg, and I'm just getting around to doing it.

1) Harry Potter from Book 3
2) Mason from Dead Like Me, despite the drugs and possible STD's and alcohol and general screwed-up-ness
3) Mr. Tumnus from Chronicles of Narnia
4) Mr. Rochester from Jane Eyre
5) Captain Von Trapp from Sound of Music
6) Zachary Grey from Madeleine l'Engle books
7) Dean from The Iron Giant
8) Dorian Grey from The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
9) The Phantom of the Opera, as portrayed by Gerard Butler
10) Jesse from The Mediator Series by Meg Cabot
11) Jareth from Labyrinth (I lovelovelove David Bowie)
12) Gary Oldman's Sirius if he took a bath once in that movie

I don't really have anyone to tag. I suppose [ profile] dmacabre, [ profile] user1603726225, and [ profile] xwishing_starx, 'cause I don't have many LJ friends. :(
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Stolen from Michael )

There's this show on Nickelodeon called Avatar: The Last Airbender and its really cool. It has magic and adventure and other stuffs like that, so you know, I'm hooked. Unfortunately, they are starting the 2nd season nw and I've seen 4 episodes of the 1st season, so I ordered it on Netflix and hopefully it's coming sometime this week.


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