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I liked the plot and idea of this arc, but I had a few problems with details. I also liked the library planet, which I wish really existed because I would live there and be blissfully happy. :)

My first problem is that I didn't like River Song. Once again, someone has fallen in love with the Doctor, and he obviously becomes very fond of her, too. However, I'm tired of women falling in love with the Doctor. I thought it was nice with Rose, but now it just seems like capitalizing on DT's sex appeal. There are many different sorts of relationships that do not require one member of the relationship to have romantic feelings toward the other. One reason I am really enjoying Donna this season is the fact that she treats the Doctor like a little brother. It is very sweet without any romantic interaction. It is also different from the first three seasons which had companions with romantic intentions toward the Doctor. I was talking to [ profile] tallulah99 and she put it best - "The Doctor managed to go like 40 years without having a love interest of any kind and in the last three they have given him Rose (OTP if you ask me), Reinette AND Martha."

I also want to know who else knows the Doctor's name. The fangirl in me hopes it is Rose, but the realist thinks it may have been his wife or the Master or someone like that. Once again, this may just be the fangirl in me, but if Rose is so important to him, when he is near-death, I think that he would be thinking about her. Throughout series 3 and 4, I just want a little acknowledgement that he hasn't forgot her, especially at the points in the show where he thinks he isn't going to survive.

Finally, I love Donna more and more each episode. I think I might have enjoyed the B-story more in this episode, actually. Donna's story was so touching and sweet, and I'm sad that she missed the guy she married while in CAL. There hasn't been a companion yet in the revival who wanted a family and normal home like Donna. Though she enjoys traveling, I think she will eventually meet someone, hop off the TARDIS, and never look back.

More generally, I'm afraid of the end of this series. I foresee much angst, and I don't like a sad Doctor. I'm thinking Donna is going to die and Rose is going to either die or choose to go back to the alternate world. I'm tired of sadaloneANGST!Doctor. Can TPTB just give him a break? Just a little happiness? I miss the happier and goofier Doctor of the first 2 series. I'm invested in the character and I don't want to see him kicked while he's down anymore. :(

Guh, waiting for the next four episodes is going to be painful. I really want to just get to the end of this series, but at the same time, I don't want it to be over because of the aforementioned speculation. Guh.
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